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Greenville, NH

[connectivity] Score another one for Fairpoint

Good news about Fairpoint appears to be in short supply lately. But they have made my day!

I recall the first time I called the phone company to ask about DSL. It was fall of 1998 and the phone company was called Bell Atlantic. The answer then was no (but we'll call you if it becomes available).

I tried again every year or two with the same answer. About 5 years ago Verizon came up with a new answer: The computer is down so we can't tell.

So this year I tried calling Fairpoint (on August 20). The first answer was no, but we'll make some inquiries. Within a week the answer changed to yes, with an install date of September 2. The install date came and went with nothing happening.

A month of frequent calls and escalations and whatever resulted in an install of September 30, and the install kit arrived that day. I hooked it up, only to get no DSL signal.

After calling in the problem, I left the modem on and waited. Today a tech reported a signal at the pole, and when I got home the modem had achieved synchronization.

The speed test on this site reports 1467 Kb/s down and 342 KB/s up.