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Dallas, TX
reply to shaner

Re: I dont get it

Dude, your analogy is absurd!!! Not to be a jerk, but it really is. In your scenario, the neighbor is doing a great deal of damage, more than just gas or normal wear and tear on the car. It goes above and beyond what she is paying for.

As for the AT&T thing, you are paying for 5GB of data per month (since unlimited actually means 5GB with US carriers) to use however. It shouldn't matter how you are using that data, especially since you are paying for a whole lot more than you are getting. Not even considering that I was able to use Skype over 3G with my WinMo phone, just not with my iPhone.

Think of it more that you are being given a pipe that goes from your home to your dumpster to dispose of whatever you may want to dispose of with. There are no regulations on what can go into said dumpster; however, the company who is giving you the pipe decides to say that you can't put any paper down it. It won't hurt the pipe any more than throwing plastic or metal down it and you are entirely allowed to put anything in the dumpster... But you just can't put paper down it because the pipe company wants to charge you more to use a different pipe for that paper. Nevermind the fact that the company who provides the dumpster actually has a machine capable of separating the paper from the metal and plastic... You just can't use that pipe for paper...

The fact that AT&T or any other company can tell us what we can and can't use our connection for is really ridiculous. It's bad enough they put show low caps on service that costs so much.

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
Your dumpster analogy is actually true in many places. You do know that recycling is mandatory in many places, and that you could be fined for throwing recyclables in the trash, right?