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Fox McCloud
Crazy like a fox.

reply to fifty nine

Re: I dont get it

said by fifty nine:

said by Fox McCloud:

I agree with your point Shaner. That said, I doubt Skype is damage AT&T's network, I just agree that since it is THEIR network, they should be able to make the rules--it's only logical.
So if AT&T wanted to restrict access to websites geared towards African-Americans, Latinos, Gay and Lesbians or women's groups should they be allowed to, because it's their network?
Yes, they should be able to do all those things--I might not agree with any of that, but they have the right to do that, since again, it's their property.

The answer is no, because while it is their network they are subject to regulation, since they are using public airwaves and public rights of way.
only within the current paradigm--airwaves are no different than land, and should be treated as such; sadly, Mr. Hoover didn't like this idea, thanks to influence by special interests.



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so if att wants to charge you for using http on your phone because it's "slowing their network" it's fair? Are you kidding me? skype is voip which is data, and i pay 30 bucks a month for unlimited data. it's false advertisement by its definition and thats why fcc stepped in. open your eyes and start thinking buddy, noone will do it for you.