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Chicago, IL
reply to battleop

Re: Better than Comcast's caps.

Umm, No.
Total (assuming 12mb/sec plan) would be 1.8TB/month (more or less)

Do the math
Assuming you set your downloads to go from 12:00am to 12:00 pm, at 10mb/sec, you could get about 50GB/day (without going over cap). Then, use the next 11GB (about 2 hours) until you hit your cap (or get close). That gives you about 61GB/day, without going over the cap.

61GB/day translates to about 1.8TB/month. That's WAAAY better than Comcrap's 250GB/month.

Remember, whenever you are dealing with a 'capped' service, be it comcrap or whatever, the money you PAY gets you xxx number of bytes. With comcrap, it doesn't pay to get more than 1.5mb/sec of bandwidth, because at 1.5mb/sec, you can still use 250GB/month. I would MUCH rather have a time based slowdown, which if you DON'T violate, you won't be penalized, than have a HARD CAP to the number of bytes I can download.

Remember, you can only get CUT OFF, if you VIOLATE the caps. If you download between 12:00am and 12:00pm, THERE ARE NO CAPS, thus there is no violation. Damn, If I could get 50GB/day, every day, from 12:00am to 12:00 pm, that's a MUCH better deal than having a TOTAL CAP of 250GB/month. It's not that hard to setup your computer to only download at full speed for 1/2 the day, AND you get 7 times the total number of bytes per month you would get from comcrap.
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