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Glendale, AZ
reply to questionable

Re: I think Qwest is blocking YOUTUBE

said by questionable:

Lets see so Friday night i got bored and went to Youtube to listen to some riffs by people doing Rush songs and other tidbits of things. Using Qwest's DNS and I'm having no issues. So IF it is a DNS issue then I guess they have different DNS servers for different area's

I have a feeling it's actually routing issue not block or DNS
Qwest does have different dns for different areas. Youtube google have many servers and routes. They use dns to send you to the closest server. They also use dns
for load balancing. If Qwest dns servers hold old info too long then those google youtube updates do not take effect quick enough. Or something like that. Many threads many places different ISPs. Read them again.
Also a bit of routing issues thrown in sometimes, plus Youtube issues just to make fixing fun.