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Accokeek, MD
reply to 60529262

Re: Does anyone use these?

said by 60529262:

Spoken like a cable company PR hack.

If you kill the demand by not making them widely available of course the manufacturers are not going to support it. You NCTA people are so fscking transparent.
Wrong, as usual.

I spoke as the owner (and purchaser) of a TV that I bought specifically BECAUSE it supported CableCARD; for me, CableCARD was a requirement strictly BECAUSE I wanted no part of a set-top box. The TV works fine (it's still on my bedroom wall, and still running today); however, I also followed the horror (and lots of pain) that was posted by fellow purchasers of TVs that supported CableCARD (head over to »www.avsforum.com and read for yourself).

My purchase of a TV that supported CableCARD was decidedly atypical because most folks that bought HDTVs then (as now) bought based on price (not features), and CableCARD support was an option in 2005 (when I bought my plasma TV) and a very expensive one, even for a plasma HDTV. (In fact, Philips sold quite a few of the 42PF5XXX models in 2005, despite the sub-par plasma panel and lack of CableCARD support in the 7xxx and top-end 9xxx. The model that Philips replaced my 7320A/37A with lacked CableCARD, but used the same panel (and, oddly enough, the SRP actually went up). My Mom wanted to purchase a sub-40" TV with CableCARD in 2008 and she can't buy such a HDTV new today. We've been looking at 55" HDTVs (preferably OLED, but straight LCD and plasmas remain in the running); however, CableCARD isn't available there, either.)

In other words, I'm speaking as a TV purchaser; the only tie I have to cable is that I'm a Comcast customer, and that meant exactly diddly to the point I made.