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Re: I think Qwest is blocking YOUTUBE

I have been having similar issues to the OP on multiple video sites since mid-September, though mostly on youtube. It was happening again today on pbs.org's video site, so I went into my prefs and used the OpenDNS servers, and presto...problem (temporarily?) solved.

I won't pretend I know exactly what's going on here (e.g. old Qwest DNS entries as speculated upthread), but I can safely say that QWest has gone way downhill here in Washington over the past 6-12 months and it wouldn't surprise me if this was yet another problem of their own making. I've had to have them "move me to a different server at the corporate office*" 3 times in the past year just to get around 5-6 Mbps (instead of 3), which is a godawful hassle that requires hours of being on hold with folks from the Philippines as they talk to higher level support.

Anyway, just wanted to add another voice to the thread in support of the OpenDNS "fix". I'd also like to see any Qwest people respond to the umm/Slamma conversation on p.8 to see if they can help shed additional light on what is happening here. This may be something that happens with many ISPs, but I've only seen it consistently on my Qwest connection and not my friend's Comcast or my parent's Verizon.

* = I wish I actually knew what that meant...if they are moving me to a different place on a patch panel at the local POP or something like that. I have never been able to get a straight answer/detailed explanation from the techs because I never get to speak to any of the higher level people directly. The tech they sent over to my house once mentioned that it did involve moving a physical cable from one port to another, though.

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said by snorf :

I've had to have them "move me to a different server at the corporate office*" 3 times in the past year just to get around 5-6 Mbps (instead of 3) ...
Possibly related to issues with the aggregation router. SBC had to change my connection once, switching me from a nearby (Santa Clara, California) aggregation router to a more distant (Pleasanton, California) aggregation router.

Another recurring problem in SBC (now AT&T) land is profile hash. A fair number of users wind up with lower speeds than they are paying for because something went FUBAR with their profile. At least AT&T (as SBC before them) will fix the problem as soon as somebody brings it to their attention.
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