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Re: I think Qwest is blocking YOUTUBE

I am in Phx using Qwest 6mps dsl. Have experienced the same prob of slow loading and buffering when trying to view youtube. Changed to Open DNS - solved the problem.
I talked to a Qwest rep yesterday and he never heard of the problem - then I asked him to read this thread - oh my. He called his support and while I waited he stated that Qwest does have a problem with streaming from a google site ( youtube) and that they were working to solve the problem with Google-Qwest.

He then reccomended to use Open DNS meanwhile. Ummm! Told him I already was and he said that was fine.

Since I changed to open DNS I have had no problems with Youtube or any other sites. The only annoyance is if you don't get the url right it come up with the Open DNS Home Page.


Plano, TX

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Google / YouTube needs to send traffic AROUND problems instead of through them.

Notice, that getting to YouTube isn't the problem, it's how YouTube sends it back.

This is why the OpenDNS trick works, because it forces Google / YouTube to route you differently.

Getting on the Internet was the responsibility of Qwest, however sending something back isn't Qwest's problem.

Here's an analogy to the problem :

You can write a letter and put it in your mailbox very promptly but if the addressee has a problem, somehow it's the local post office fault and not the remote one, even though we know the remote office has problems (look at the trace route)
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