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Land O Lakes, FL
reply to lorennerol

Re: Darwin

said by lorennerol:

Uh, seems like Fairpoint should have walked away from the deal if it was that bad. Did their CFO attend the John "Bluto" Blutarsky MBA program or something?

If the applicable laws were followed this is nothing more than corporate survival of the fittest: Companies whose boards make very bad decision cease to exist.
Caveat emptor!


Are you kidding me? Look at the bonuses these boneheads get for failure. The execs don't care if the buy-off succeeds or not. They walk away with bulging wallets no matter what. The real victims of this whole debacle, those who have no say in the matter and are ignored, and are not the bribed and lobbied pols or the corrupted PUC-sters, but the people and employees living in the area served. If that's darwinian, maybe we need a little intervention, devine or otherwise.