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Chris P

[iO] My Experience With Cablevision and Optimum Online

Right now, in the middle of the ALCS, my cable box is flashing hold and has been for several hours. Yes, Ive unplugged it and waited for it to reboot. Just flashes hold. This is a problem that happens sometimes, the TV will just go out, the box tries to reset and keeps failing. I used to think it was a bad box but then the service kept coming back on.

Now I realize its just the crappy, weak, cablevision signal. They tried to split the line too many times in my building, which has like 40 units in it.

Also, HD signal quality is often unwatchable. Im not talking just the slight degradation that they get from overly compressing the signal and trying to put too many HD channels into too small a bandwidth. Im talking about a frozen picture, sound glitches, and intermittent total loss of picture. Its completely unacceptable.

Thirdly, my internet will just go out for hours at a time. Everytime I call Cablevision, they walk me through the same steps that I know have nothing to do with the problem (which just resolves itself over time - when the signal stops being diluted). They have no record of my previous calls and never recognize that I have already called about the same problem previously. "Reset the modem Wait xxxx amount of time blah blah blah" yeah like I didnt try that already!!! Its insulting. They dont want to fix the problem, they just want to run me in circles and schedule appointments that I will have to cancel when the service returns, which it always does.

At this point, I think Im just going to disconnect the TV service entirely at the end of the baseball season, if I can watch any more games at all. I can listen to the game on the radio at least. I may keep the internet until I can move to a building where I can get FIOS.

The internet service is fine when it works, which should be always, but the HD TV is just a joke. Its an absolute joke.

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Roslyn, NY
·Optimum Online
Aren't monopolies fun?

I feel your pain... Care to post any of the modem's or boxes signal stats? You can get them on most modems from » . If prompted for a password on the Motorolas, it's username "admin" password "motorola" sans the quotes.


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reply to Chris P
Theres actually alot that could be said in reply but to keep it short...

I am sure that they are not splitting the cable to all the units. You have feeder entering the building and everyone has their own connection feeding each unit individually.

Cable signal does not get "diluted" when more people turn the TVs on.

What makes you "realize" it is Cablevision's crappy signal?

Everytime you call may not be documented ( although it may be, even if they tell you otherwise ) but ALL trouble calls are documented even if you cancel them.

Most importantly... schedule an appointment and DO NOT cancel it even if the service comes back on. You bitch about the service but haven't even given them the oppurtunity to fix it.


Branchville, NJ
yeah dont cancel the service call the first thing they always do is check signal levels.


Massapequa, NY
reply to Chris P
said by Chris P :

Right now, in the middle of the ALCS...
If it happens again during the game, you can always try and connect the cable coax wire directly to your HDTV and tune to channel 5.1, which you can receive even without a cable box.