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Greensboro, NC

Unlocking Samsung C270 for U.S.A. AT&T use

I recently purchased an unlocked Samsung A117 anticipating that I could insert a Lebara SIM card specific for Spain. Much to my dismay, when I arrived in Spain and tried to link into the Vodafone network I could not get a signal although the Lebara SIM website seemed to say/imply that any unlocked phone supporting GSM dual-band technology would work in Europe with the appropriate SIM card. Well, Spain does have a dual band GSM type but it is 900/1800 and not 850/1900 as is used in the U.S. So I purchased a locked Samsung C270 from a Vodafone store in Barcelona and added some airtime. Nice phone and works almost like the A117. Does anyone know if I could unlock this Vodafone C270 GSM dual band cellphone, plug in my U.S. SIM card to use it here in the U.S. under my AT&T prepaid cell plan? Is the A117 only specific to U.S. and C270 only specific to Europe despite each being GSM dual band? Would unlocking the Vodafone C270 be a waste of effort/money? Thanks for any help. Ray