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Rhoadesville, VA

What exactly is a Cyberonic dry line? *Complete newbie*

I live in a very rural area where cable/dsl aren't available and probably never will be, but I recently stumbled across Cyberonic's site. I filled out the availability form and got an e-mail about half an hour later saying they checked my address over and that I qualify for their services. They didn't say which ones though.

Anyway, I logged onto their live chat and talked to a sales rep. I gave him my address and phone number and he said that I could get a dsl dry line for $29.99 a month with a $299 installation fee and 1 year contract. What is a dsl dry line? I told him that I've searched over and over again and we cannot get cable/dsl in our area, but he said that we could get a dry line through dsl.

I'm a little confused here. Can anyone please explain this to me?


It's a telephone line, but with no dial-tone or phone service; i.e., just the copper wire pair, over which the ISP provides ADSL or even SDSL service. Since it is Cyberonic, they will get the line pair installed by the local telephone company, and COVAD will probably provide the ADSL service. If you have local telephone service already, you can get standard ADSL over your voice line. Dry line is nice because you don't pay for phone service you don't need. In your case, it is possible you are too far from your local telephone company's central office to qualify for DSL service through the telephone company. COVAD's ADSL service is dependent on distance as well, so you might wind up paying a lot to set up what will likely be as poor a connection as you would get from your telephone company. Who knows?

I'd ask Cyberonic exactly how it is they are going to supply you with DSL when your local telephone company can't, or won't. Make sure it is not a DBS/satellite based system; too much latency.