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[WIN7] What is included with Windows 7 Home Premium?

I'm going to be getting my very first "clean install" of Windows 7 in the near future. I'm really looking forward to a clean system, since all of my other desktops have been OEM (HP/Dell), with a lot of preinstalled trialware/junkware on them.

Ideally, I'd love to find a website which shows what software/programs are built in (included) with Windows 7 Home Premium, but I'm not sure if there are any websites that show that.

Assuming there isn't, can someone please let me know if the basic stuff is built in (included) in Windows 7 Home Premium, such as Adobe Flash Player (plug-in), Free Adobe Reader, Java, Windows Contacts, etc., or does all of that stuff have to be downloaded on it's own?

Any input on what stuff is included with the Windows 7 Home Premium DVD would be very helpful and appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance!

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Saint Charles, MO
Windows 7 does not come with any 3rd party software or any plugins I know of....



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It does not come with anything not written by MS, other then what was written by MS.

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Windows Contacts is available and Windows Live Contacts comes in with the Live suite (of which Microsoft has graciously included a link in the Start menu for a download).

»[WIN7] Does Windows 7 have Windows Contacts?
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Blackwood, NJ
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part of the benefit of a clean install is not having many of those apps and plugins preinstalled

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Jamestown, NC
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Thanks a lot for all the replies!

Yeah, I guess when you talk about a "clean install", the main purpose is not to have Flash Player, Java, etc. on startup. I was just asking because I'll need Flash Player, Java and Acrobat Reader, and didn't know what to expect when I get Windows 7, since I've always had an HP/Dell, where it was preinstalled already.

With all of my past desktops, the amount of preinstalled trialware was a lot, with so many links, offers, preinstalled trialware, etc., and that's a dealbreaker now for me with Windows 7.

Thanks a lot!


In all reality, the installed trialware is very small. I just did a clean install on my desktop, and the only trialware, was Norton 60 day AV, and other then that, MS Works, and about 10 links, plus the HP Easy Setup stuff. Took about 5 min's to clean up, and 8 hours to reinstall SP1 & SP2. Still debating on installing W7 this weekend, or waiting on it.

Unfortunately, my preinstalled trialware is more. It's NIS, MS Works, Lightscribe/Roxio software (like 150 MB of Roxio), and then a lot of HP stuff. A lot more than just HP East Setup.

I just wanted a fully clean system and registry, which I've never had before, and don't have the expertise to mess with the registry myself.



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That is no more then what mine had. As for a lot of HP stuff, I would not state it as that. It used to be when you got a machine from the OEM's, you had over 2gb of stuff. Now, you get maybe 150mb. As for Roxio. I keep Roxio, because it is a good package for what you get, and if you do not have MS Office, keep MS Works.

Also. if you have the drive space avail. I would not worry about it.


Kent, WA
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The one thing best about doing a clean install is having the installation format your hard drive and then you can have a cleaner Windows without all the extra added junk software that PC manufacture's install on to the computer. You'll be complete free off all that by doing a clean full install.

Stone Mountain, GA
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It's NIS, MS Works, Lightscribe/Roxio software (like 150 MB of Roxio), and then a lot of HP stuff.----
Then just go with the Upgrade. About two hours ago I did an upgrade of Win 7 on my Dell Studio Slim 64 bit Vista Home. It came with Java, Flash, Acrobat Reader, Roxio, Microsoft Works, etc.
Worked like a charm. All programs and apps were retained. My Itunes library is intact.
I wouldn't worry about the registry. If you ran Vista it took care of itself.
If you insist on a clean install then all apps and programs will be lost.