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Sugar Land, TX
reply to caco

Re: What independent competitors. Sheesh.

said by caco:

You don't know what your talking about.

Comcast isn't the only one that offers tv service.

So $ 20 bucks for 100 channels. Good luck getting Espn,Nick, HBO etc..to accept .20 for their channel per subscriber.

Bundles and dvr are not forced on anyone.

Let me go add some miracle-gro to my turf.
Extensive mergers should also be prevented:

1. CC buying everything is sight

2. DirecTV buying USSB and then trying to merge with DishNetwork

I see the neat duopoly as in cable or DSL providers for Internet access being nicely replicated soon with the neat duopoly cable or one sat. company.

Yeah, sure there is dial up and OTA. Funny how in countries where legislators are doing their job the prices for these services are within reason (Europe or Asia).