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Cat god

Riverside, NJ
reply to rendrenner

Re: I hope the lawsuit over being forced to rent the box does no

said by rendrenner:

interesting. I though most systems gave the first for free and only charged for the 2nd card in the same device. Usually would only apply to Tivo's using the single stream cards.
Most do, though some will throw in additional outlet fees for additional devices. Overall though cableCARDs should be cheaper than renting a cable box.

The main problem is that many cable companies charge for installation of cableCARDs which is nearly a do it yourself process. I'm seen numbers as high as $100 a card.

The hardest part of installing a cableCARD is making sure it's paired which involves reading a bunch of letter and numbers to someone on the phone.

Cable companies could implement a system where the user could pick up the cards at the local office and then enter the pairing info on a web site or something which would negate the need for an installation fee. Some have done this already.

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