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Xm 60's On 6 Freak
Morganton, NC
reply to FFH5

Re: My biggest complaint with Comcast

said by FFH5:

said by Bill Neilson:

It really frustrated me when I would call for a billing question OR maybe I wanted to add a package and the person couldn't speak a lick of English OR had not the slightest clue what package I was talking about.
And Comcast support is in the US and NOT India or Mexico, etc. So the sad part for our country is that a customer support person in the US can't speak English.
There is where you can place the blame squarely on the hiring manager. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for hiring someone who does not speak fluent english for a customer support job ever, but even more so when that job is based in the US!!!
Best of luck

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Sad but true. When I worked at Comcast, one of the callcentre reps hired at the same time as me (for a US job supporting only a local US area) seemed to know what he was doing, but his English was completely incomprehensible. (And he tended to get angry at customers who couldn't understand him, which was just about all of them.) I never knew how he got hired or how he stayed as long as he did. Thankfully that was the only time in all my time at that callcentre I ever saw a situation like that.
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