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The Limit
Greensboro, NC

These are my thoughts and experiences thus far...

My sprint bill is right at $80 atm, of course that doesn't come with unlimited voice minutes, but I can call anybody's mobile number on any carrier and the minutes are free for that, provided that I'm doing this in the sprint network, which surprisingly seems to be a lot better than verizon's network. My gf has verizon, and I constantly compare my signal to hers, and I get better service out in the sticks than she does. Not only that, but my browsing speeds are way faster than what I was getting on verizon's network.

I have to say, I'm impressed with Sprint's performance thus far. I haven't had to really call customer service, and from what many say here, Sprint's customer service is not great. Yet, at the same time, it seems like billing isn't run by a bunch of monkeys either. This month's bill is correct; Verizon didn't even get my bill straight the first month. On top of that, I have called customer service about questions regarding the palm pre, and the technician I spoke with was very nice, and honest about sprint's network. She knew that Verizon's coverage was better in other parts of the states, and she didn't deny it at all, but the pricing is right, and some people really underestimate Sprint's network in terms of coverage. On top of that, the csr I spoke with before I spoke with the technician didn't try to sell anything to me; she was polite, and didn't badmouth other carriers like I've witnessed in Verizon stores.

Not only that, but Sprint has roaming agreements with Verizon. Big deal that you roam on 1x, but at least you still have voice services. Wifi is also available at many locations, so if you are roaming, then if you have a wifi-capable phone (which I do), then I can access wifi.

PS: Sprint does offer unlimited data for the phone. The only service that's capped is the data card. The technician I spoke with said that Sprint's 5 gigabyte cap is a softcap; I can tell you now, I haven't even gotten close to this cap on my phone, let alone if I decide to tether, unless I start downloading large files.

I do agree with this article though. It would be nice if I had the option to pay per gigabyte, but is that really going to happen?

How do I go about letting the higher ups know about how I feel in terms of paying by the byte? I'm sure it would be a heck of a lot cheaper if this were to happen.
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