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A hot cup of integrals please

Rego Park, NY
reply to nonymous

Re: Yep, and $30 is only6 the start

said by nonymous:

For $30 you get almost no data then a per unit charge for any overages. So do anything besides read a few emails and the $30 easily turns int more. Think of the CEOs golden parachute. The USA is only number one in overpaying money grubbing CEOs with no real ideas except how to make their paychecks bigger.
Huh? That's new, last time I checked, $30 covers unlimited data (5 Gig softcap of course) on all PDA's/Smartphones that are AT&T-branded or subsidized. If you have no $30 plan and you signed up before September 6th, then of course it's the $2/MB pay-per-use data plan. And considering most people use it on their phones only, I don't see how you'd rack up anywhere near 5 GB, even with occasional tethering.

By the way, does this $30 crap apply to non-subsidized smartphones/feature phones? I.e. I have a $10/month deal on Data Unlimited, since I'm on a "dumb" Sony Ericsson phone. If I swapped SIM cards to say a Nokia N900 or N97, would AT&T detect the IMEI and switch me to the $30 plan?

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