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Toledo, OH
reply to iansltx

Re: hmm

said by iansltx:

The thing is, my $30 SERO plan has full data. I know this because it's powering my HTC Touch Pro right now. Just can't get an Anroid phone as far as I can tell...I have to upgrade my plan otherwise and there's no going back.
I feel ya amigo. I recently let go of my SERO plan which was up for renewal because no decent phones are going to be allowed on that plan anymore - the Touch Pro2 was the last, and that phone was a huge letdown in my humble opinion (returned mine within two days). Yes, I'm paying double what I was with my beloved SERO plan, but at least Sprint made the transition easier by instituting the "Any Mobile, Anytime" perk for free, and Sprint Navigation has also been much more useful than I thought it'd be. So, I get those two features plus the ability to run any phone I want now, and I'm STILL saving a fortune compared to the schmucks that throw their money away on AT&T and VZ.

Just saying, you can either have SERO and hold on to your aging Touch Pro, or you can pony up the extra cash and have cool new phones - you can't have both.

- Tate

It's time to let go of TDM people. If it's not IP-based, it's crap!


Austin, TX
Unfortunately true. I have SprintNav right now, hence the fac that i'd only be paying $20 more for service.

La Mesa, CA
reply to Telco_Tech
Now you know why people what to clone their ESN to other phones.