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IT Guy
Ow, My Balls
Las Cruces, NM
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Re: hmm

said by ArrayList:

i'm in a 3g area and i have a g1. i can't imagine not having the data plan. when I am at home I use the wifi (its just faster), but when i'm out i'm on 3g and it works great. I'm not sure what a heavy user is for mobile data, but I use about 400mb a month on the g1. honestly cannot imagine doing much more than that with the limited battery on this beast.
Yeah, I gotta say it's been a bit of a let-down, especially considering how much more this tacks on to my bill. EDGE is practically useless. El Paso just had 3g rolled out and I had my fingers crossed that they would extend it up my way, but it hasn't happened yet. What really burns me is that my Gmail app doesn't ever display new messages. I've rooted the phone and I'm using the JesusFreak mod, but I was having that problem before rooting. Also, it never displays images in messages. My buddy has a G1 and has the same problem with his gmail. Pretty lame!
Don't worry, scrote. There are plenty of 'tards out there living really kick-ass lives.

Brighton, MA

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all i can say is keep hounding customer service.. but of course, be civil. they make notes of complaints and, if they get enough, will fix the problem.

excellent pic by the way! great movie!