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Accokeek, MD
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Re: I would like some flexibility...

An optional plan (as opposed to the monthly data option, and this is certainly usable with Wifi-capable smartphones, such as the forthcoming Storm2) is the when-you-need-it data option at $3/day (VZW). The issue in reality is that there are few Wifi-enabled smartphones! Other than the iPhone and Storm 2, how many smartphones havve WiFi as standard fare without hacks? (The Storm 2 will be VZW's first Wifi-standard smartphone.) Given the prevalence of hotspots (either low-cost or no-cost) and the availability of legacy laptops, I have little respect (and no love) for those that insist on using a smartphone as a laptop-replacement. The very reason I have had little interest in a smartphone is because of the lack of WiFi (which is why there has been a data plan requirement). Until Wifi becomes standard on smartphones, that data-plan requirement will continue because it actually makes sense. Smartphones *invite* data usage, and if they lack WiFi (which is true of almost all of them), how else are they going to access it sans PC tethering? I like the Storm 2 (and original Storm) because it's a touch-enabled wireless phone that can sync with a PC; even better, it actually costs less than most other touch-screen phones.


Tallahassee, FL
I agree with this!!! A la the VZNavigator, there is (was) an option where you can pay $2.99/day or $9.99/month. If there was some sort of a daily fee option, I would consider getting a smartphone. If any data is accessed, just bill the daily fee to the account (like the $1.99/MB charges on dumbphones)

Although the list of WiFi enabled devices are few (Ozone, Touch Pro2, Touch Diamond, Imagio), I think that the list is only going to grow.