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Villa Rica, GA

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This may get you off without an etf but what about

What if your phone was subsidized and the contract included requirements you have that data plan to avoid paying the extra $450 for the phone?

I honestly hate this myself, my wife is a moderate texter and I wanted to get her something with a keyboard so we got her a pantech matrix pro, nice phone, but, she has to have the $30 a month data plan and never uses a single byte. When you add to that my own phones data plan (which does get used) and the Family talk plan we have youre looking at over $130 a month before fees and taxes. In contrast the reaminader of my bundled phone bill including 6Mbps DSL, POTS and unlimited long distance is $100... WTH?!?!?

Honestly AT&T you cant shape my bandwidth on my DSL if you want. When I am using bandwidth on my cell you are welcome to subtract that from my avalible bandwidth on my 'unlimited' DSL. Once you fix cell reception in the area of Atlanta where I work that is....