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Everybody Lies

Franklin, TN
reply to patcat88

Re: It's a communist conspiracy!

said by patcat88:

Why doesn't she protest common carrier laws? They violate the human right of telephone companies by forcing them to have their networks exploited by pedophiles and child molesters to seduce young children to murder them.
She really just doesn't know anything about it more than the surface. She's a sharp woman in some respects, but others I hear her just towing the company line for whatever flavor of the week company has told her. I don't know where she gets *all* of her advice or counsel from, but know that her family is no stranger to working with big companies like AT&T or Comcast.

I can say though that we all have day jobs here and wouldn't have to time to buddy up with everyone we wanted influence with. I can say for certain though, that the job of some *people* is to do exactly that. They have no day job, they aren't registered lobbyist, they are people that just have more money than time.

It annoys the crap out of me to see so many fake people buddy up to the whole family. Makes me wonder if I'm in the wrong line of work.
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