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Sugar Grove, VA

Modem Question(s)

I am running Vista 32Bit and I have a Creative Modem Blaster DI5633 that I used without problems when I had an Nforce4 motherboard ( used the XP driver with no issues ). A little while ago the board died and so I bought an AMD / ATI ( M3A78 I think ) chipset instead and for some reason or another this motherboard does not like the modem at all. I cant reboot my PC unless I disable the modem ( get a BSOD at Windows loading screen if I dont ) and it is causing some of my games to crash my PC. This modem still gives me 44-46.6 connections with 4.5-5.0 download speeds.

So I bought a Rosewill 56X63 ( I think ) just to keep from jumping through hoops but this modem only gives me 36.6-38.6 speeds with 3KB download speeds.

Now that the story is out of the way.. I am trying to figure out if these modems are software or hardware based.. I have looked in many places for specs but none seem to give a clear answer. I want to know so I can get another modem that will give me better performance like the Creative Modem.


Chicago, IL
You may want to change your modem init strings to better optimize your connection. OH, did you mean maybe a Rockwell modem?

I've used a few USB modems while traveling recently. I have been very happy with the Zoom USB dongle modem. I have seen connect speeds to our dialup network range from 46.6 to 53.

I know your not travelling, but I was surprised at the quality of connection on this USB modem. For internal modems, I still use a 3COM/USR 56K modem from way back.