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Don't forget CapGemini and pudding!

For those that work(ed) at Failpoint, you will recall that speech (from the formerly-jumped ship CEO) about serving pudding...

Cap Gemini should be sued for failing to meet expectations it promised to deliver (namely coding a customer support-service system without any proven track record). And for actually updating/repairing code LIVE during call center activity, losing hours and customer information/scheduling.

Previous Fairpoint execs should have their bonus 90% taxed, all perks and "golden parachutes" rescinded, any options/stocks/property rewarded during the 3 months before taking over Verizon and 3 months after.

Current upper management needs to be fired. Training of call centers needs more improvement, equipment, better software and man-power. Current supervisors need better support and reward system. The unions also need more support and cooperation (both directions).

I am not an employee. But I understand there are some good folks there under alot of pressure to deliver with ridiculous expectations suffocating them from unrealistic "uninformed" executives that are completely detached from reality (the Great Northern DSL Aggression).

But I find it amazingly difficult to understand the depth of finagling and lack of accountability that Verizon, Fairpoint, subcontractors, the NE states regulators and FCC have garnered, leaving three states taxpayers not only the burden of unreliable DSL/communications, but also the increase of unemployment, the lost tax revenues promised by Verizon and Fairpoint, the lost income from corporate tax discounts given to these companies for setting up shop and promised wage taxes and then Reverse-Morris or bankruptcy.

Shame on all of them.

(back to my coffee...)