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Sandy, UT
reply to jjeffeory

Re: Gotta love those jealous cable companies and their customers

People that put lines like that in their posts listen to fox news and complain about the "liberal media". They were convinced by the neocon's that the enemy that they need to fear is "liberals". They will seek to attack these perceived "liberals" at every opportunity by slipping in side comments to everything they do. As an example a poster the other day commented about the wall street journal being "liberal", yet is owned by Murdoch (who owns fox news) and is one of the most right wing rags bordering on lunatic level neocon fear-mongering.

The reality is that these people are afraid and are looking for something to fear. The right exploits that fear and redirects it to their causes such as refocusing the tax burden from the rich to the middle class with little regard to what that would eventually do to the country. Media outlets like faux news run constant publicity campaigns directed at invoking this "fear" in the these people to direct it to the popular cause of the day. IMO it's a disgusting abuse of naive individuals.


So you think spending oneself out of a recession is possible? Excellent.

More power to Fox News...the only news source (and #1 in viewership, I might add, don't be jealous) who doesn't bend over backwards for the admin and their version of the truth.