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Warwick, RI
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Re: Port Forwarding Stopped Working.

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TCP and UDP uTorrent Port Forward
Couple of questions:

1. Are you using application from »www.utorrent.com, also what OS and firewall software?

2. How do you know it is not working? Is the red circle with exclamation mark showing as network status icon?
red network light The red light means that µTorrent was unable to bind a listening socket. Most likely, this means a firewall is blocking it. It's also possible that another torrent client is using this port, which will require you to change ports, or not run both clients at the same time.
Try a different port number.

3. A single TCP port is needed. UDP is used if you've specified DHT (whatever that is) in uTorrent. You can edit your existing protocol in the router's port forward rule that you did in step 4. Click "Add Server Ports", choose UDP from Protocol dropdown, select Destination dropdown, choose Single, then enter port number 62355. Click Apply. Click Apply until you get back to the nag screen to click Yes for Firewall Settings.

However, from what I read, the single TCP port forward should be enough to get you a green Network Status light in uTorrent. Go back to your Windows Firewall Settings unless you're using something else. Remember, if you use a different port, your Windows Firewall rule will change as well.

I don't think there's a problem with your router port forward if you followed the instructions I posted above, and your screenshot looks like the one above. This one is updated to show the UDP protocol added.

4. In router's Advanced / Universal Plug 'n Play, what are the settings?