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Salem, AL

CTVEA - Internet Bandwidth Limits

I have never in my life heard of a cable or DSL company limiting customers bandwidth usage. Leave it to Crooked TV of East Alabama. We now have a monthly bandwidth usage limit. You got to love this bunch. They will screw anybody to make a buck.

Crooked TV of East Alabama has now imposed a 100mb excessive bandwidth policy so they can screw customers out of even more money. If customers go over this amount they can force you to upgrade or terminate you account. Nice.

Read about it here. »www.ctvea.net/news.htm Let me post the text just in case they have back lash and decide to take the post down.

and here it is... amazing what no competition will get ya.

Customer Service Update
Excessive bandwidth is usage beyond a reasonable level of subscribed service. Residential service usage will not exceed 100GB of bandwidth per month for Customers subscribing to Services of 6 Mbps or less per month.

CTVEA reserves the right to revise usage limits or implement additional usage limits.

In the event residential usage exceeds the above-described limits Customer will be notified and required to either limit Customer's bandwidth consumption to permitted levels/limits or subscribe to a Service with a higher monthly bandwidth limit if a higher limit subscription is available.

In the event Customer does not limit bandwidth consumption to permitted levels/limits after notice of the same, CTVEA may determine through the network infrastructure for internet access or other functions using public network resources, during any period of time,

CTVEA may thereafter:

1.adjust, suspend or terminate Customer's account or Service at time and without notice; or

2.require Customer to upgrade Customer's service level and pay additional fees in accordance with CTVEA's current applicable rates for such Service;

3.cap Customer's usage or limit aggregate bandwidth available to Customer;

4.implement prioritization of traffic;

5.implement protocol filtering; or

6.use any technology to be chosen by CTVEA at its sole discretion including, but not limited to, packet-reset and/or other packet management technology to slow Service to Customer for purposes of conserving bandwidth.