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Encino, CA

[Speed Problem] Speed problem with Netgear DGND3300

Hi, please please respond is someone is familiar with this DSL modem speed issue:
Just installed a new modem router DGND3300 and internet access speed got decreased dramatically. (previously had Actiontec modem/routers that became unreliable and started dropping connections too often after years of work).

DGND3300 is connected with all light lite-up correctly and not warning of any kind showing. Internet is connected, just way too slow!!!
I was able consistently get a 2.5mb down speed with old Actiontec, and when switched to Netgear, downspeed is barely .5mb as measured with speedtest.net. Also speedtest.net shows a 24ms latency on Netgear, as opposed to 16ms latency for Actiontec. Upgraded Netgear to latest firmware and restarted numerously with no benefits. Netgear Tech suggested trying different MTU size to 1492, 1400, 1358 or 1300. -That made no real difference. However, when I disconnect Netgear and connect back my old Actiontec, I get consistent 2.5mb down,.5mb up speed and latency of only 16ms.

I know it is unlikely to be ATT or wiring issue, still, perhaps someone knows the secret.
Which AT&T DSL Package do you have – Pro (3.0Mbps Up, .5mb down),

2) Which modem brand and model do you have? - Netgear DGND3300

3) Are you using a router? If so, provide the brand and model. DGND3300 –modem/router combo

4) Is your PPPoE login info (username & password) entered in the modem, in your router or do you use PPPoE software? -ppoe built in

5) Describe the lights on the modem when the trouble occurs. All light lite-up normally –no problem warnings

6) Confirm that you’ve checked to ensure that ALL devices plugged into the wall jacks serviced by your DSL phone number (except the DSL modem) have filters fitted. – Everyhting is plugged in and working

7) Confirm that you’ve powered off the modem and started it again and whether or not that made any changes with your problem. –Restarted numorously

8) Do you hear any type of noise on the DSL phone line or any other unusual telephone symptoms? Nothing is heard

9) Provide line stats as follows…

Router Status

Account Name
Firmware Version V1.1.00.32_1.00.32NA


MAC Address 00:24:B2:3C:BC:14
IP Address
Network Type PPPoE
IP Subnet Mask
Gateway IP Address
Domain Name Server

LAN Port

MAC Address 00:24:B2:3C:BC:13
IP Address
IP Subnet Mask


ADSL Firmware Version A2pB023k.d20k_rc2
Modem Status Connected
DownStream Connection Speed 576 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 512 kbps
VCI 35

Wireless Port

Name (11N SSID) veacom
Name (11G SSID) veacom
Region United States
11N Channel 44
11G Channel AUTO
Mode Up to 130Mbps at 5GHz & 54Mbps at 2.4GHz
Wireless AP Enabled
Broadcast Name Enabled

System Up Time 05:04:58

Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collisions Tx B/s Rx B/s Up Time
WAN PPPoE 71358 80848 0 703 3460 05:04:02
LAN 10M/100M 151667 104875 0 4215 1042 05:04:55
WLAN 11M/54M/130M 839 839 0 35 35 05:04:35

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 576 kbps 512 kbps
Line Attenuation 48.0 db 27.0 db
Noise Margin 6.0 db 21.0 db


Your Throughput
Download = 434.24 kbps
Upload = 366.46 kbps

Thank you so much!

San Jose, CA
What does the Actiontec show for attenuation, noise margin and sync rate? The Netgear is barely hanging on at 6.0dB so it must be dropping back from the 3.0Mbps sync rate. It sure seems like the problem is with the Netgear -- maybe it's time to get it warrantied.


Encino, CA

Thank you so much for reply. I've enclosed actiontec data below.

Meanwhile I've found the device that causes Netgear (but not Actiontec) to drop internet speed - it is OOMA network telephone hub.
With ooma turned off, restarted Netgear picks up the speed.
So, now I am puzzled twice -should I replace both ooma hub and netgear router?, or just get another newer version of Actiontec to do the modem job.

Actiontec Status Data:
Speed (down/up): 3008/512

ATM QoS class: ubr

Near End CRC Errors (I/F): 0/2

Far End CRC Errors (I/F): 0/4

Near End RS FEC (I/F):0/34

Far End RS FEC (I/F): 0/0

SNR Margin (Downstream/Upstream): 11/20

Transmit Power (Downstream/Upstream):12/11

Attenuation (Downstream/Upstream): 47/55

OAM Statistics
Near End F4 Loop Back Count: 0

Near End F5 Loop Back Count: 0

Far End F4 Loop Back Count: 0

Far End F5 Loop Back Count: 1

San Jose, CA
Interesting that the Noise Margin picked up so much from before.

As far as the speed, I don't know much about ooma but I do recall seeing quite a few people having issues with how it's hooked up to their equipment. You might want to check out their forums, maybe someone there has this unit or has had a similar problem and solved it with a different hookup or some other workaround.