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Milpitas, CA

Comcast announces new bandwidth throttling scheme

»www.engadget.com/2009/11/05/comc ··· -scheme/

"if more than 70 percent of your max bandwidth (downstream or upstream) is used for more than 15 minutes"

"expect to find yourself down-throtted for at least 15 minutes, or until your average bandwidth utilisation rate drops below 50 per cent for 15 minutes."

So now we are getting punished for using the bandwidth we pay for?

The 250 GB cap is annoying but reasonable, but this? Wow.
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Los Lunas, NM

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reply to Daveid

Re: Comcast announces new bandwidth throttling scheme

"Now the company is back with a new data throttling scheme intended to put the kibosh on excessive traffic during those times when the network is already being overwhelmed."

Yes... punished. Sure.... Don't jump to conclusions until you actually understand the whole story.

I'm sure its a huge inconvenience for you bandwidth hogs to share the pipe with your neighbors, but if you really want your own line then please switch to a T1.


James Creek, PA
reply to Daveid
the more they throttle the more 50+Mbit tiers look stupid... why even have 50+Mbit if you arn't going to be able to download very large files (no I am not talking P2P, but just big files that could take 15+ mins to download)

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reply to Daveid
As previously requested, please keep all congestion management discussion in the stickied topic so labeled above. It would be good, too, to find some published Comcast announcement to confirm the claims at your link.

Post here if you can find that confirmation ---> »The Bandwidth Limits/Congestion Management Topic

Check your link again. There has been an update:

Update: Due to crossed wires when researching this piece, we mistakenly reported that this policy was new. It is not. In fact, the throttling detailed above has been in effect for nearly a year.

See also ---> »Comcast Slammed For Non-Existent Throttling Changes
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