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Portland, OR
reply to Drizew

Re: Comcast announces new bandwidth throttling scheme

said by Drizew:

they don't actually throttle your speeds. They just delay them from getting to you asap. This will have no effect on gamers unless they are also downloading a huge file while they are playing.
LOL, whats the difference?

Delayed/ throttled, whatever you want to call it, you are not getting whats advertised.

If a service provider can't sustain full bandwidth for more than 15 minutes then they're not really giving me the rated bandwidth. They need to advertise speeds that they can give people 100% of the time.


Los Lunas, NM

The difference is speed vs latency. If you are so bothered by the way you are being treated then you can always change providers. Here, I will even give you a list of providers that are OBVIOUSLY better then Comcast.

Qwest -- it is fiber after all :/
Verizon Wireless -- MOBILE!
Sprint --- Check out the bandwidth allowance!
and my personal favorite... Netzero

I know you won't have trouble switching. Last time I checked Comcast didn't require you to sign a service contract.

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Los Lunas, NM

Re: Comcast announces new bandwidth throttling scheme

I have had Comcast for over 7 years (since they were first available). I am not about to run. I am sitting with open arms enjoying the speed increases.

I agree that they shouldn't try to do more then they are capable of, but thats business.

Know any good realtors that could get me a room @ a data center? I would really enjoy a 99.99% uptime Gbit connection.