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Aptos, CA

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If you read the TOS, you'll know about the cap

said by WernerSchutz:

Using "the living crap" is a subjective appraisal.
I use it without regard for any caps (mine are much higher then the non-business class caps, but even so I would not come close to a 250gb cap with extensive use by multiple users) and I am in no way a "typical" home comcast user.
I believe if there is a cap, it should be clearly stated, as in the speed, in all advertsisements regarding such connection. What is is for, averages, and all that smoke screen is just marketing to compete against a superior product, as FiOS is.
It is clearly stated.
Just like all the other TOS are clearly stated. They're right there in the contract you get before you sign up. You do read all that, right?

Show me where, in marketing materials, McDonalds says you'll get fat from eating Big Macs. They show you the nutrition (if you could call it that) numbers, but they market taste, cost, and convenience. It's up to you (the consumer) to decide if the product you are buying is suitable to the task you have in mind.

The FTC has to come down on all the broadband folks with caps - AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Comcast, Etc. for their capped plans.

You clearly know about the cap.
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