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Re: [Scam] Ebay Motors Scam

I saw this forum and I couldn't resist posting, since I was so close to getting caught up in this scam. I came across three different scams involving cars within a week - three!

Two of them used the exact same format. Which makes me think there must a number of formats scammers use, but these two happened to use the same one. Those two were the 'single woman who just got a job as a dealer on a cruise ship' format. The third one was 'recently divorced woman who is moving closer to parents and therefore must sell the car'.

Like I said, I wanted to put my two cents in, so here it goes: if the ad you see shows the car in a different area then what the seller tells you in their email, that should be the first and last sign you need.

I know there are other signs too, but some of those could be mere coincidence. But there is no excuse for the ad showing the car on one side of the world, while the seller tells you in their email that it is on the other side.

That happened to me all three times, and by the third time, I definitely realized the importance of location. Shouldn't they keep their story straight? But they can't, because that's not even their ad. They find a random ad on the internet and try to base their story around it. But the problem is, they can't easily get around the location difference. So they throw the whole 'it's ready to be shipped at a warehouse in [insert random area here]' spiel. And do we ever bother asking why the location changed from the original ad? I know I didn't. But I should have.

Anyway, I just hope no one falls prey to this scam. When something is too good to be true, it probably is. Word to the wise