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Carrollton, GA
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Re: hmmm.....

said by moonpuppy:

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said by fiberguy:

some providers won't even let you sign up with your own phone with out a "contract"..
The company this senator is referring to (Verizon Wireless) does in fact allow people to sign up without a contract, but most people don't want to pay full retail for a phone or don't have one laying around therefore they sign a contract.
But they sometimes disallow you from bringing your own phone to their network even if it was already on Verizon. Some stores take a dim view of allowing you to buy a phone off eBay and get service with them.
The only time they are allowed to deny a vzw phone from being activated is if it was blacklisted (reported stolen / lost) or no longer support (no agps for 911). If someone is running into this problem, escalating the situation will allow a manager to take care of it.