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reply to fsx100

Re: Satisfied Teleblend Customer Review

said by fsx100:

While I know that no VOIP provider is perfect, (and probably the more expensive ones may be in some ways better), Teleblend has been great for me (AND my family members, who I have recommended Teleblend to).
If you are thinking of a VOIP Provider, and see this, know that there are many satisfied Teleblend customers out there.
First off, fsx100, welcome to the BBR Forums.

In response to your obviously sincere, heartfelt post ... how would you explain the fact that you started this thread 6 days ago and only one other TB user has responded thus far ... a reviewer who stated "This whole situation is just terrible" in an earlier post(in a different thread) regarding TB's service.

I suspect you are not familiar with the VoIP Reviews and Ratings section of the BBR Forums: »/gbu

TB is no longer even listed in the ratings because so few individuals have seen fit to enter reviews. Your criteria for VoIP provider "perfection" are not entirely accurate. There are several highly rated vendors with a far superior feature set, famously better customer support, similar or lower cost options and, of most significance, eminently more stable service.

Just for contrast, here's a recent thread about another provider that quickly accumulated 29 responses to support praise for this company: »[VOIPo.COM] Shhhhh So Quiet. VoipO, you out there?