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Sterling Heights, MI

PBS Sprout Gone from U200 Package?

As of today, PBS Sprout is telling me I need to upgrade to U300. I've had it for more than 1 yr and it just changed. Tried calling UVerse and they're telling me that I has never been in the U200 and has always only been in U300.

I guess the 5,000,000 Thomas the Tank Engine Episodes my 4yr old has watched are a figment of my imagination.

Anyone else with the same problem?

I should have canceled this crap service last month as soon as I got the notification they were taking away HDNet. The picture quality is 2nd rate compared the DishNetwork service I had before, and now every few months they take away channels.

Never seen anything like this before. It's like they don't want customers.

Grand Prairie, TX
I looked back at an old package channel list that I printed out in May. PBS Kids Sprout is shown as part of the U300 and above package. If you have been receiving it in the U200 package, it was a mistake, and the error was probably finally caught.

You should call Customer Support back and thank them for the year plus of free programming.

Markle, IN
reply to Brutus1234
You should have never been able to get Sprout on U200, it was a mistake on AT&T's part. When we signed up for Uverse 6 months ago the only reason we had to sign up for U300 was because of Sprout. In the end Uverse ended up costing a lot more than Directv because I was forced to get U300 instead of a more basic package with Directv. We ended up canceling Uverse TV and going back to Directv so we could keep Sprout for less money. If Sprout had been available on U200 I would have reconsidered dropping Uverse and going back to Directv. So basically AT&T made a mistake and finally fixed it.

Dallas, TX
reply to Brutus1234
Regardless of all of those who are stating it should not have been there, it was! My niece loves Kipper, Noddy and Calliou and they all come on sprout. I only recently upgraded to U300 but y niece was here months ago and was able to watch it.

So, yes... Sprout was on the U200 tier up until about 2 months ago at least.


Eastlake, OH
reply to Brutus1234
On my card dated 12/08 it shows up on the Family package with markers showing not in u100 or u200. Were you getting family package as a temporary bonus and it expired.

Valencia, CA
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reply to Brutus1234
Never seen anything like this before. It's like they don't want customers.
This behavior is certainly not exclusive to U-Verse. HDNet moved into a special HD tier on DirecTV also.

»www.allbusiness.com/electronics/ ··· 6-1.html

TW dropped it altogether

»www.engadgethd.com/2009/05/18/ti ··· ays-bei/

As for Sprout, AT&T clearly advertises it as part of the U300 package. You've been getting it as part of the 200 as a bonus for a year. I would agree with you that it's something that ought to be in U200, but you're barking up the wrong tree by complaining that they took away something you weren't supposed to have to begin with.
AT&T U-Hearse
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Sterling Heights, MI
I've had the service for nearly 2yrs if I remember correctly.
It was and has been part of the U200 package for as long as I've been a customer until 2 days ago.

To clarify though, I've been using the "Free On Demand" PBS Sprout, not the channel itself. With young kids in Daycare, the only time they get to watch TV is for 1hr at most in evening so the Free On Demand was perfect.

A friend of mine had gotten the service before me and this was one of the biggest reasons for switching to UVerse for me.


reply to Brutus1234
The PBS Sprout channel was never included in the U200 or lower packages.

That being said, as has been mentioned earlier, you may have been receiving the Sprout channel for free. AT&T routinly updates is databases to ensure its accuracy, and in such a update, the system must have seen that you were getting this channel when you weren't supposed to and just simply stopped sending you the stream information.

If you wish to get PBS Sprout, you will need to upgrade to the U300 package or greater.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at uversecare@att.com.
Our goal is to provide you Excellent Customer Service. Hours: Tu-Sa 12-9 CST


Farmington, MI
reply to Brutus1234
I had a similar situation with the NASA channel: watched it for months (I have U200) and then it was gone.

Shame too. NASA can use as many interested people it can get these days.


Sterling Heights, MI
reply to btur389w
I have been using only the "Free On Demand" Sprout, never used the channel itself - you might be right that the channel has never been part of U200.

It's the Free on Demand that all of a sudden changed this week and now tells me that it requires a package upgrade.

But this is only part of a continuous reduction of channels. I've actually lost track of how many channels have been dropped. I know HDNet, HDNet Movies are dropping now. I believe we lost 2 other HD channels a couple of months ago, was it Universe HD? I just can't recall.

I'm not asking for a lot. I accepted the contract, I pay my bill. I've never asked for anything to be added.
Why do I have to accept stuff being taken away?

If the program wasn't available anymore, it would be one thing. If I had it yesterday and not today and you want me to pay more for it, then there's something wrong.

I have WOW, Comcast and DirecTV all available to me with comparable packages ( WITH SPROUT ) cheaper than UVerse even after the promotional period ends and much cheaper during the promotional period. I've priced them all. Why would I put up with this?

I already canceled my service. Sending equipment back Monday.

Grand Prairie, TX
You will be missed.