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Miami Beach, FL

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I have no other choice but to sue this pathetic company

Well, this must be the most pathetic ISP in history and on top of that they employ complete idiots. The ssituation is that in August I've received a letter form them that they are upgrading their network and I need to exchange my modem. Up until that day i was using my own modem/router Toshiba PCX5000 so i called them and said that I don't want to exchange anything. The issue was closed until some time in September when my service was suddenly turned off. I called them and they said that my modem is not compatible with DOCSIS 1.1 and I need to get a new modem from them. Well, Toshiba PCX5000 is DOCSIS 1.1 compatible and after some negotations I was able to get them to register my modem again and my problems were gone, or so I thought. In couple of weeks same thing happen but this time ATLBB tech support told me thnat they are upgrading to DOCSIS 2.0 and my modem is not compatible. I felt that this was a lie and I filed BBB complaint to get this issue resolved. One of the idiots managers called me to reply to my compaint and left me a voice mail that they are upgrading to DOCSIS 1.1 and thank God i saved that message. After lengthy negotations they re-registered my modem again and it was working fine for another 2-3 weeks. This is how it was 2 more times. Every time they came up with a new lie just to force me to use their piece of crap modem. Every time their argument was that my modem is not comaptible with DOCSIS 1.1 and last time they finally admited that my modem is 1.1 but it is not on the list of approved modems even though their legal document Subscriber Agreement says that customers are allowed to use their own equipment DOCSIS 1.1 and higher. At this point I got so sick of this that I am taking them to small claims court. Let them spend thousands of $ to hire lawyers to represent them in court. Even if I don't win anything I will enjoy knowing that they are spenign money and time to be in court. Will report when I have new information.

I am actually working on creating a new website and will try to rank it for "atlantic broadband" key-phrase where I will tell others of this garbage company and its employees. I am sure they will love it. Even if I can stop 1 person from signing up with them it will make me feel good.