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Re: Throwing Dirt at Each Other

said by burgerwars:

It's pointless for each company to complain about each other. If AT&T is so bothered by Verizon's ads, then they should do their own. Since almost all of Verizon's phones only work on CDMA, why doesn't AT&T show a map where their phones work all over the globe and Verizon's don't, then claim that Verizon's phones can only be used as "Doorstops in Denmark" (or "Paperweights in Portugal"). They'll probably win that war.
Verizon actually has a few phones that also have GSM sim card slot and contain all the quad bands so you can use your phone all over on GSM networks. A few blackberries and Samsung phones are the ones they are offering with that option.
Looking to get into Avaya telco if you might be in that field hit me up I have a lot of questions.