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Lanett, AL
reply to Watermasta

Re: [ Classes] Druid Thread

Ahhhh OK that makes a bit more sense now. I figured there had to be something I was missing. Probably part of it was me not having played feral in a long time lol.


Ballwin, MO
reply to stvnbrs
pulled my old druid out of mothballs to try out some healing which I have never done before.
got him up to 85 and doing heroics now, good lord is it easy to gear now.
anyways, any tips for noob druid healer?

Havelock, NC
Kind of depends on your gear lvl for what stats to push. And your spec can basically go one or two ways depending on the content you are in. But, I have been out of the game for little over a month and someone else who is still HoTing it up maybe able to give you some better advice.


Elkhorn, NE
reply to Bradzor
Immergruen started a very good resto druid line here

»[Classes] Cataclysm Resto Druid

Havelock, NC
reply to stvnbrs
Went back to Boomkin a few days ago and joined a new guild. The guild only raids 2 nights a week, which is very cool and prior to Cata they were a very progressive guild. They seem much more casual now that is cool with me. They were only 5-8 as of last night. We killed ship and spine last night. Was pretty easy as I have only killed these two on raid finder. Boomkin 2ps is very freaking nice. I cannot wait until I get my 2 piece.

I also looted the dps trinket off of spine last night. Finally got to replace may darkmoon card. So I am using the Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor off of Rag and Will of Unbinding off of Spine. I have yet to test it but I assume that these two together are better than having one of them and my darkmoon card.

I have not look at numbers in a while, but Boomkins seem to be sitting pretty good. Ran FL's this weekend, I was one of 3 pugs and outgeared by all the dps and kept up with them and finish 1st on Rag with 21k before the two new trinkets. I know that is not great, but there is a lot of movement on that fight.

Is anyone using the VP trinket for dps, if so, would that be better than one of the 2 I am using?