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Newtown, PA

Yes to att/t!

This would be good. I hope they partner with att. I still can't understand why people are so phobic of att, it's amusing actually... I guess folks like limited calling plans and slow networks spread thin over too large an area. It makes the most sense to go with att, because that coverage map needs to be solid, not striped. As for metropcs, uh no, it has hardly any coverage area, and when you roam it's 19 cents a minute (98% of the country). For me personally (and many other customers of both att and tmob) it would allow seamless voice and data without dropped calls, without needing to reset your 3G connection on the roam/native boundary when handoffs are unsuccessful between the 2 carriers. Not only this, but att has its sights set on the fastest wireless network ever built outside the military, no one else is going to come close or likely catch up.

In any case, no one in cdma land is going to be doing anything aside from switching away from cdma to wcdma and such.

- A


Cleveland, OH
CDMA Networks not changing? LMAO! Where is ATT and their 4G network? It's still in the lab. Where is Sprint? They're busy spending the money with Clear and their partners to build out that network. You can actually use it as well. ATT only says 4G will be soon. Instead of putting their money where their mouth is they're off spending that money suing VZW over coverage maps and commercials. Sprint needs to get busy and start advertising their 4G network map compared to ATT, and VZW.
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