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help on turning an old router into an access point

i was hoping someone out there could help me out a bit and tell me how all this works as ive been trying to figure it out for hours and im stumped.

right now i have an Actiontec gt704wgb dsl modem/router acting as both a wired router and a wireless router.

I would like to take an old dell wireless 2350 broadband router and use it in another room of the house to relay the wireless signal and create another wired network without running a wire through the house to this other room.

Is this possible with the equipment i currently have? on the 2350 i do know there is an option to set it up as a wireless repeater and ive also heard that u need to bridge them somehow but i am completely lost on how to do that exactly.

if anyone has any idea how to get this to work i would greatly appreciate it, or if it doesnt work any ideas on what i could buy to make it work...i.e. a new router/other equipment to act as the access point.

Here are the 2 routers documentation incase anyone needs them...

Actiontec GT704WGB DSL Gateway

Dell wireless 2350 Broadband Router

Thanks in advance,

Sith HMP
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Bloomington, IL
»Wireless Networking Forum FAQ »Using a Wireless Router as an Access Point

I would start there and see if that helps any. I didn't look at the specs for your equipment but the link I provided explains how to do what you want to accomplish. Your exact steps may or may not vary due to your equipment.

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The feature you're looking for is client bridge mode (the exact wording varies by manufacturer). Thank you for including a link to the doc for the Dell router. It doesn't seem to have a bridge mode.

The least expensive solution I've found is the ZyXEL P-330W. It's a reliable, inexpensive router with a native bridge mode and four wired ports. The second best alternative is DD-WRT firmware with a compatible router. Almost as cheap, but requires a bit more geek.

»www.provantage.com/zyxel-p330w~7 ··· E06R.htm


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THanks for the help guys, i think ill try with the zyxel first as the cheaper and easier route and see if that works out, then move onto the new router as a second resort. ill let you guys know how it works out.