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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to glinc


said by glinc:

Besides a cheap ad, 90% of the ad is false. ATT hugging their money on improving network and now they won't even spend $$$ to make a good ad.
Most of the ATT ads are false.

For example, more bars in more places? The best coverage? If you read the fine print they say "based on international coverage." What use is international coverage to me? I hardly travel overseas anyway, and when I do I use a local prepaid phone to avoid paying the outrageous roaming charges.


The same thing can be said about Verzion's "maps" - I don't care what people who live around 100 miles of cornfields can or cannot get. I leave my home city maybe 2x per year, if that, and my AT&T coverage to the airport, from the destination airport to the destination address and at the destination place is 100% w/o any issues. I don't think the majority of the US Population gives 2 rats' asses about any coverage outside of what they need themselves. Can't get coverage with provider A - got with provider B (if they can give you coverage).