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Homer Glen, IL

Typical hypocrisy

I can say first I guess I don't get the ads -
From the DSLR paraphrase AT&T is claiming that people can't talk and surf. Well, this is really true on either companies "dumb" handsets, there is no multi-tasking with the proprietary OSes. However, Windows Mobile devices can certainly multi-task; (which some DSLR members seem to dislike on basis of the UI, which it may have its problems but the iPhone isn't flawless either people) surf and talk at the same time. Now someone did post that they were able to surf and talk on their Pre if they were connected via wifi - I can't see any reason why this is...unless a phone call takes ALL of the cellular channel to the tower.

Where I live I think AT&T works great, I usually have full bars in my room...though I have noticed I get a lot more dropped calls lately but I can live with it. I perform TOS violating actions, I pay the monthly fee, and AT&T leaves me alone a perfect symbiotic relationship. We won't even go into the simple fact that most TOS contradict themselves but that is another story itself.

I think every carrier really is digging their grave by branding phones. Here is a perfect example of what I mean:
Everyone claims that their android device runs better, faster, and smoother by rooting it. Why is not something that should be done at the factory if it means a better user experience? I think every iPhone user would agree that jailbroke their device that jailbreaking makes their iPhone infinitely better.

My point is simply - forget the network, if you don't have the devices that have a good user experience then why bother bickering over who has the better network when your devices suck?
I don't even think I should remind people of what verizon did (or still does) to ruin the user experience with their "dumb" handsets.