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Norwalk, CA
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Re: Libraries?

Well considering that I work in one here in the City of Norwalk, I can tell everyone here that bandwidth depends on what is available to said libraries and the systems that they belong to. Here the Norwalk Regional Library, which is part of the County of Los Angeles Library System, used to be served by a couple of T1s, until I made a stink to the management about the lack of logic in paying so much, for so little relative speed, when Business Fios became available.

It seems that my words must have reached some higher ups at Library Headquarters, because soon after within a month or two, Verizon showed up and tore up our front lawn, and installed the fiber lines into our Telecom room that we have here. By best estimates I assume that we have around two to three lines serving us now, of about 25/15 speeds, which peak out at 8.8 down and up because of our crappy proxy server that we use.

I am sure these funds helped us deliver the T1's, and now we are saving money since we switched to Fios. It does bring a smile to my face when a patron comes up and compliments the quick speeds we now provide, and we no longer have to deal with terrible performance on our end when everyone launches a session of Youtube/Hulu/Misc. streaming sites.
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Pronto Resurrected
Oroville, CA

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I am wondering why your library doesn't have a Gigabit connection to the CALREN.

Perhaps the USF/E-rate could be of assistance?
We were taking a vote when the ground came up and hit us.