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Charter Bundle Questions

Since FiOS has been delayed time and again to my neighborhood, and DSLExtreme can't offer me anything faster than 3Mbps service, I'm considering cable internet, which I've never had. Charter's the provider in my area.

My first question: Is it good? How's the TV service (we have DirecTV in HD currently)? Is Charter internet fast and reliable? How's the phone service?

My second question: How much does it cost? I can find all the 12 month prices, but it says after the first year it reverts to "standard prices." How much will my bill go up after 12 months?


There are many variables when it comes to quality of service. Overall if the service has no issues inside or outside of the home, yes charter will be flawless.

I have had Charter in this home for almost 3 years with no issues (except a couple outages, fiber cuts, that kind of thing). My prior home had service issues all the time, the signals were way off, speeds sucked and they were out every few weeks for several months. You will find some similar stories on this forum, among others. For every horror story, I suspect there area 5000 satisifed customers though. (happy customers don't generally visit forums and make posts about how their service is great).

Speeds and pricing vary a bit by area, its not completely standard across the country. I would suggest bringing up a live chat on Charters' website or just calling in to get your regional package and pricing information, be sure to ask about promotions if they are not offered.

Lastly - don't trust the website for much of anything related to services. It's notoriously given incorrect information.
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I would suggest going to local office for pricing. I have heard that dish options offer superior hd service. We do not have hd yet but have been pleased with service, digital tv, phone. The internet is what keeps us very pleased and happy with charter - that i believe is what would please anyone the most.


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I just did a live chat. Seems the 20Mbps service's regular price is currently $80, and it could be higher 12 months from now. I didn't get into the bundle issues.

I'm not cool with a nearly 50% increase after 6/12 months (depending on whether or not it's bundled).

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I currently have Charter Phone and Internet. My TV is like yours and through Directv. I had 20MB until today. For what I was paying I just got a Triple play bundle with 10MB. I will not be dumping Directv as I have NHL CI and NFLST along with MLBEI. Charter can not touch the sports in HD offering.

My service is rock solid on internet and telephone. When I dropped TV a year a go I had no issues except pricing. The two year price guarantee changes that. Since I am use to $180 between Charter and Directv I dropped from 20 to 10MB and added TV. I will have ONDEMAND and HD with Digital basic. Charter has two channels in HD I know for sure that Directv doesnt and that is VS and Lifetime.


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Being as there is no indication where you are located at, it's hard to say what your internet connection may be like, but there definitely are areas where Charter flat out sucks, with Washington, California and Missouri, being among the leading states that suck, judging from all the complaints on this forum from those places.

I'm in MI and had Charter internet for over 9 years. Internet was simply awesome and still have their expanded cable. It's not bad, but I'm not very much of a tv watcher. Probably wouldn't even own a tv if it wasn't for wife and kid.

Never have tried their phone service as I shut my modem and everything else off everynight. They don't offer anything that appears to blow my hair back, in that category.
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Well I've have no complaints with Charter's internet. If you enjoy HD then I'd stick with DirecTv. Even the best Charter areas with HD can't hold a candle to what DirecTv or Dish Network has. So if you switch to Charter tv be prepared to have MUCH less HD. Also if you watch NFL Network stick with DirecTv since Charter doesn't currently offer it and probably won't and if they do they'll want you to purchase the sprots tier for an additional $5 a month. If NFL Network and HD don't matter much to you then by all means switch to Charter for TV.