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Bluffton, SC
·Hargray Cable
reply to USF101

Re: It is not all bad

Yes, it sometimes takes that long for the whole process to complete. All in all I think it is a highly beneficial program to the District that I am employed at as well as being beneficial to the tax payers of the community.
In the real business world that's insane. That's one of the problem with schools libraries etc. They actually think a few years to get something minor is good progress. If you don't have the money I know it's not minor but in this business world you get things done in a week or two usually unless it's some huge job.


Parachute, CO
Your comment indicates you "assume" public schools have the "option" of dictating where funding gets spent. Schools don't have the luxury. They are in the "business" of educating students, and they can't turn away anybody or make anybody stay. Unfortunately, technology, and other great programs and services get cut to balance things out. They get what they get, based on tax base. If you live in a rich area, your fine. The rest are left depending on things like the broken USF. We (my district) are facing budget cuts across the board. There's no money to buy anything expensive, so we write grants, petition for donations etc... We're rural, so we only have one telecom operator. I would say we're limited with our resources. So yeah, WE DON'T live in the business world as you put it. Please don't try to apply your "business" model to something completely different.