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Louisa, VA

REG RSP not received

From my understanding a REG RSP not received error from my modem means my modem refuses to register?

I just got MY modem back from comcast (yes they took my modem) they said their provisioning part of the system was down so they had to take my modem to their office overnight.

Anyway, I got it back. The speeds are not that much improved.
They said I did not have the correct config. file on my modem.

Funny thing is, my modem logs show that nothing has happened besides all the errors I usually get. No new config. file has been received, and now for the first time in around 10 years, I'm seeing this new error in my logs (REG RSP not received)

Reading old post on this error, many people said check for loose connections. I have and nothing loose here (as far as cable connections go )

SO I have a new error that claims my modem does not want to register (?) and I'm back to square one with my speeds being no where near what I should be getting.

Any one else have this REG RSP not received error, and was able to correct it?
I'm tempted to put my modem back to factory defaults, and see if that would do anything.
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