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Donald M

San Diego, CA

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Whole house wiring-No problem!

I wired my magicjack into all my standard wall jacks in my home-no problem. Here's what I did.

1- Located the phone service hook-up panel on the outside of my house. You know... the one that your current or old service uses to hook into to the house. I then carefully disconnected the wires that Pac bell/att&t used to hook into the whole house.

2-Use a two line splitter, you can buy them at Radio shack or Walmart for about $3. Take the phone outlet closest to the magicjack off the wall. Plug the two line splitter into the jack, then plug magicjack into one of the outlets and the phone for that room into the other one. See if you get a dial tone. Pay attention to which colored pair of wires are hooked to the back of this wall phone jack.

3- Go to another room with a differnant jack. Plug a phone into it and see if it gives you a dial tone. If not remove it from the wall. Note which colored wires are hooked up to the back of this standard wall jack.

4-Go back to the standard outlet jack where you have the two way splitter plugged in. If you don't have a dial tone on this phone, disconnect the wires to the back of jack that you unscrewed from the wall and touch the wires to the differant terminals until you DO get a dial tone. Make sure you can dial out on this phone. Try dailing your cell phone. If it works you are done on this outlet.

5- Go back to the other outlets in your house and see if you are getting a dial tone. If not, make sure the same colored pair of wires are connected to the back of each jack until you do get a dial tone.

7-Set the computer that you have the magicjack plugged into to automatically turn itself on every morning at say... 7AM. Then you will be able to make and receive calls without leaving your computer on all night long. It is done by going into the CMOS setting- look for a "wake up" setting. If you don't know how to do this either refer to your owners manual or Google for "automatic wake up" "computer"

You can always use your cell phone to make or receive calls in the middle of the night if you need to.

6-Congratulate yourself. You will have a much more reliable magicjack connection because there won't be the added complication that the cordless phones might introduce....and you can still try the cordless phones if you would like to. My three AT&T 2 line non-cordless wired business style phones (magicjack is on line two) all ring normally with my magicjack. Good stuff

Sacramento, CA

Great job. Whole house VOIP phones is definitely the way to go.

reply to Donald M

Very important not to send MJ's dialtone back into a landline providers network. Once you disconnect their lines in the NID, if you plug a regular phone line from MJ into any jack it should give you dialtone on every jack. If you need a phone by the MJ, a splitter or a more professional looking double wallplate will do. You shouldn't have to pull the jacks unless the house was setup for two phone numbers.


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reply to Donald M

Please note that the magic jack runs off of 5 volts of USB power and has limited power to ring a lot of phones.

DO NOT EVER use a mechanical ring (bell) phone on it.

I once had 3 phones on mine, all regular, and it was too much, they would not ring and calls would go straight to voice mail.

I removed one and it started working again.

Cordless phones are best, as they have their own power supply for ringing and everything.

and yes, #1 thing, be sure to disconnect the house from the telco, as you don't want to feed power all the way back to the telco office.



I think it's the amperage limitation of USB (not volts). An external powered USB hub might improve the use of house wiring, multiple phones, etc. There are a couple with beefy AC adapters listed on the MJ wikibook FAQ (google for it). They're supposed to let the MJ device use more power than it might get from a computer's internal USB controller.