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motorola 3347 and ps3 connection issuses

im having trouble with my ps3 and my connection. at times i that ip address would time out or i would get to test the connection. it says success for obtaining ip but failed for internet connection. can anyone plz help me with this problem. i have a motorola 3347-02 router. everything else works. my laptop get internet ok, my 360 get online but i cant get online with my ps3. i need help. i think i messed it up while trying to get a better NAT type cuz i had a NAT 3 but i wanted a better one. so if u can help me with this problem i would be greatly thankful. my email is kronicsky3@hotmail.com.
thank you,


I recently ran into a similar problem with my nephews ps2 units. One or the other would work with the wireless but not both at the same time. Other times with only one powered on it's connection was erratic while Laptops and other wireless PC's worked just fine.

I found that both would work when they were set for a different fixed IP address in a range not being assigned by the router using its DHCP option.

Try setting your PS3 for a fixed IP, say ending in a .70 and see if that makes things work, after configuring the rest of the stuff in the IP section.


Salt Lake City, UT
reply to kronic_sky3
The 3347 does not play well with the PS3. I was stuck at NAT 3 and unable to get UPnP to work with my router. Motorola told me they were aware of the problem, but had no plans to fix it with a firmware update. They did however offer this work around to get to NAT 1:

A) Please configure the Playstation 3 as an IP Passthrough device by following the below instructions: How To Configure the Playstation 3 as an IP Passthrough Device in the Motorola 3347-02-100Q Gateway:(NOTE: The Playstation 3 will obtain and use the Public IP Address of the Motorola 3347-02-100Q and will not be affected by the Firewall or NAT Settings. The Playstation 3 needs to be connected Wired or Wirelessly and obtaining an IP Address through DHCP already.)1) Open your Internet Browser (Internet Explorer/Firefox/Safari) and Navigate to » or type that into the Address Bar of your Internet Browser.2) If needed, enter the Username "admin" and Password (if you changed the Router Password) (this is case sensitive). This will bring up the Basic Mode Home Page.3) Click on Advanced Setup on the left.4) Click on Configure on the left.5) Click on IP Passthrough on the left.6) At the IP Passthrough page, select the IP Address of the PS3 in the Selection Box and click on the Enable button.7) If prompted Restart the Router, or click on Restart Router on the left and choose "Yes, restart Router". B) Please configure the Playstation 3 to connect using PPPoE within the Console System Interface. You will need to locate the Internet Connection Settings and select PPPoE for IP Address Settings. You will need to enter your PPPoE User ID and Password here. This is your Qwest provided PPPoE Username and Password for your DSL Account. You may need to restart both the Motorola 3347-02-100Q and Playstation 3. Your Playstation 3 should successfully obtain NAT Type 1.


Phoenix, AZ
I tried this and it did not work.


reply to kronic_sky3
The IP Passthrough did work for me although it took the PS3 off my home network and i could not file share with my other devices.

i found the following solution on qwest forums...

"So what I ended up doing was turning on Bridging through the "ADVANCED" then "CONNECTION" and setting the bullet options to "Bridge" as well.

I then connected my WRT600N Linksys router to the modem as a single device, logged into it and set it up as a PPPoE device in the main setup page. I entered my PPPoE Username and Password for Qwest, set the timezone, and changed its IP address to and set the lease the same as the default lease the modem previously had... just to avoid any confusion with Qwest's systems. Then I clicked on Status in the Linksys page, and saw I was getting the correct IP and DNS settings automatically from the modem.

I tested both PS3s on the network and was getting a NAT Type: 2 on both systems. I then set the XBox as the DMZ Host through the Router and it was getting an OPEN NAT Type. Everything works great now, and I can still download files at 1.2 Megabytes/Second with my 12Mbps connection."


Phoenix, AZ
reply to kronic_sky3
OK folks here is what I did and it works, getting a NAT type 1. All you have to do is enable Concurrent Bridging/Routing and use PPoE on the PS3. You DO NOT need to use IP passthrough. The PS3 will get it's own IP address from the Qwest server. If you want to stream, go back and do auto setup and you are back on your home network. It's a bit of a pain in the ass, but you need only go PPoE when you play online games.