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Changing DNS on SMC 4G Modem/Wireless Router

Hi I have a rogers modem/wireless router I brought with me when i moved. I now have "eastlink" service but still wish to use my wireless modem/router. My Cable company has assured me that its showing up at their end and that its aquiring an IP address. I have it all hooked up and when using it on windows vista it gives me a DNS error. I have read up a little about it and think that it might be something to do with rogers having it set as a Rogers DNS only. I have logged in to the router and can't find anything about this. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this or maybe another way in to "hidden" settings on the SMC. Any info is a appreciated and thanks for your time in advance - god i love this website!

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Great White

I would need to know the model number of your SMC and by the sounds of it, it is a gateway. If so there is typically a back door on the gateways that allow modifications. I can't see it being locked down to Rogers DNS.


Mississauga, ON

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What do you mean by "gives me a DNS error"? Rogers dns servers are not the best, but most of the time some of the time they work...

In any case, you can hardwire your client PCs to use a specific dns rather than accepting the ones from the router... (although I agree it is simpler to put the ones you want in the router config and therefore all client machines get those by default).